I'm Back!

Hey Everyone!

   I know that it has been a few minutes since I last checked in...... I hope that u guys haven't given up on me. I had to take some time to  get myself together after my mother passed away. I didn't stop creating, I just wasn't able to share what I was going through. I stopped performing for a while as well. I just needed time to heal.

I did continue to record, arrange, produce, and mix for the incredible jazz artist,  Vinx. This was a great project to just express myself musically without having to explain or modify what I created. All of this ended up being my musical therapy. Especially the mixing. I spent hours on end in the studio by myself creating aural landscapes that I could just lose myself in. Music is so very powerful. I also started working with an up and coming songwriter from the classic R&B/Soul era by the name of Brenda Moore who will be releasing what we did together as an EP later on this year. 

    I also am almost finished with my very first instrumental album that contains a song entitled "We'll Talk Soon," which was inspired by my mother. The CD ranges from smooth jazz/R&B to grooving keyboard funk to emotional piano driven ballads. This was yet another form of therapy for me.

   In addition to all of that I am also finishing up my next vocal album entitled "Sing My Song" that contains some of the singles that I have already released as well as some newer cuts that I had a great time creating, recording and producing by myself. Shades of EW&F, Prince, Ohio Players, Sly Stone float through this release. There's a lot more guitar work on this CD because I wanted to do things a little differently this time around. I loved the process of looking for different guitar tones to fit the sounds of the different tunes. One tune that is starting to get played on Spotify is "I Got a Job." That might end up being the first single. I'll let you know!

I have also just recently started to perform again. It feels good to be back up on the stage. i am looking forward to seeing you all very soon. 

Stay tuned for more news and the exact release dates to these new projects!

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